Anticancerous Effect of PSP Purified Products
and KS-2 on Human Tumor Cell Lines in Vitro

Liang-zhong Xu, Jun Han and Gang Chen
Laboratory of Pathology, Cancer Institute, Shanghai Medical University


The anticancer effects of PSP purified products, PSP-A, PSP-B, PSP-C and crude product PSP-Cr and KS-2 were compared on four human tumor cell lines in vitro.   It was found that the inhibition rate of cell proliferation of PSP-A was higher than that of PSP-Cr, PSP-B and PSP-C (P<0.05).   On SPC cells, the inhibition rate of PSP-A at a dosage of 1000ug/ml was 62.7%, being the highest as compared with those on the other three cell lines.

The effect of the inhibition of KS-2 on Mei tumorous cells is obvious.   Its inhibition rate is 62.5%.

Morphological changes were seen in all the four cell lines, especially in SPC cells after PSP-A treatment.

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