The Antitumour Effect of Purified
PSP Coriolus versicolor (PCV)
In Vitro
and Vivo

Mable M.P. Yang1, Zhi-nan Chen2, John S.L. Kwok1 and Hon Ge1
1 Department of Physiology, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
2 Department of Pathology, Xijing Hospital, Xi'an, China.


Mushroom has attracted attention recently as it is not only a nutritive healthy food but also possesses antitumour effect.   Among them, Yamabushitake, Huangmo, Coriolus versicolor Krestin (PSK) reported from Japan and Coriolus versicolor Cov-1 (PSP) from China were particularly of interest.   The main component of PSK and PSP, polysaccharide-peptides have been proved to be the active substances as they possess potent antitumour activity especially immunopotentiating effect as shown in many experimental studies and clinical trials.   It was found that the antitumour effect of PSP was more potent than that of PSK.   In our laboratory we reported purification of the crude extraction of PSP and isolation of a small peptide, PCV (purified Coriolus versicolor) which possessed potent antitumour effect in vitro and in vivo.   The present paper reports our further purification and investigation of PCV on its antitumour effect in vitro and in vivo.   Other activities, such as host immuno-potentiation and cancer prevention are also indicated.

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