The Test of PSP on the Cause of the Abnormal
Fetus in Two Generations of Rats

Zhen-bin Qian, Lan-feng Zhou, Zheng-de Zhang, Bin Xu, Pei-jun Xin,
Li-yun Zhou, Rui-ting Chen and Zhen-guan Li
Department of Toxicology, Shanghai Institute of Labour Health and Occupational Diseases
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academia Sinica


PSP is new-type of anti-cancerous and immunological regulator.   Pharmacology and chemical researches prove that it has the function of relieving focus, strengthening immunological functions, raising the quality of life and prolonging life when the patients are in the process of chemo- and radiotherapy.   The tests of acute and chronic toxicity and hereditary toxicology prove that there is no toxic reaction when oral administration of 100 times of the clinical dosage of PSP to rats is made.   Now for the sake of further verifying the safety of the use of PSP we have made the test of PSP with regard to the cause of abnormal fetus in 2 generations as we were entrusted by the Biology Department of Shanghai Teachers University in order to ascertain whether the function of PSP will cause the abnormal fetus and its influence on the growth, development and behavior of the next gerneration mice, in order to provide the detailed safety parameters for the clinical use of PSP.

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